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  1. Diary of a Receptionist


    In the summer of 2023, I worked as a receptionist in a boutique hotel in Leros.One of my duties was to make bouquets of flowers for the rooms.These are some of the photos I made while working as a receptionist.


    Leaves, some the wind scatters on the ground—So is the race of man. Leaves, also, are thy children; and leaves, too, are they who cry out so if they are worthy of credit, or bestow their praise, or on the contrary curse, or secretly blame and sneer; and leaves, in like manner, are those who shall receive and transmit a man's fame to after-times. For all such things as these are produced in the season of spring, as the poet says; then the wind casts them down; then the forest produces other leaves in their places. But a brief existence is common to all things, and yet thou avoidest and pursuest all things as if they would be eternal.

    -Marcus Aurelius